The local area offers a wide variety of activities and I will try to list the main categories here. For now.

For those who love nature, this is a real gem. The hiking trails in the area are amazing and offers breathtaking views of the fjords and mountains. Depending on your level of fitness you can choose from easy beginner to challenging hikes with a good variety of length and terrain.

You can rent a bike and go cycling. Explore forgotten roads and see the coastal landscape in all its splendour.

You can do it simple and rent a rod with lures or you can be serious and rent a boat. Fishing your own dinner is definitely brag-worthy and should make for some nice stories.

Let someone else be the captain and join a group on a sturdy old fishing vessel. We explore the fjord and let you know the crazy stories of feral goats, look for eagles, admire the cliffside of Lihesten and look at a 700m high waterfall.

Hyllestad has a rich history that goes back to early viking age with a thriving millstone industry. Discover the trails of the vikings and learn about the single most important kitchen machine of human history.

Swimming, climbing, archery, pool, hunting, soccer and then some. If you are the sporty type there should be enough alternatives. Let us know and we try to fit you in.