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First pilot event completed!

I’m very proud to announce that the first event involving nomads in the Hyllestad Nomad Hub is a complete success. Big thank you to Annelisa, Max, Rachel, Laura, Sognhostel, Åfjordstein, The Millstonepark and Frode Holst, you were all amazing!

In the pictures are the artists: Annelisa Leinbach (far left) from Arizona, Rachel E. Reynolds from Detroit (middle) and Laura Camps (right) from Barcelona. They each contributed with awesome murals that now adorn the walls of Sognhostel.

Annelisa and me are friends from a chance meetup in Mongolia back in 2015. This year we met in Berlin and came up with an idea to do this art event. While we had many people interested we didn’t have a lot of time to organise. From early March we announced this event in April. So unfortunate for all who were interested but couldn’t fit it into their schedules. Next time we will probably give more time. Probably…

Hostel for less than a year

The hostel was originally a primary school but was decomissioned and turned into a refugee center. This didn’t last long and the building stood empty for a year before the current owners: Anne-Berit, Marita and Christine decided to step up.

Today they are running well with help from local businesses that provide guests, but they are as keen as me on helping nomads succeed in Norway. Seeing that there is a lot of potential in decorations they said yes to the impulsive plan of hosting artists in return for murals.

The Art

We gave each artist freedom to choose motifs and design but motivated them to be inspired by the nature in the region. Upon arrival they decided on an available space and guesstimated time and effort to complete. The top three pictures are before and the corresponding art is sequential from left to right. Mind you, the murals are much better in person than on the pictures.

I’ve included links to their FB/insta accounts so you can check out their other works and also more of the process behind each painting featured here. Enjoy!

The mural by Annelisa is impressive in size and complexity. She definitely set the bar high and made a workaholic effort to get the job done. While we had lot of things planned, the weather wasn’t really on our side which meant she had more time to create. Don’t ask why there are birds coming out of the faceless head, it’s art.

To find out more about Annelisa you can find her on FB: @annelisaleinbachart or on Insta: @annelisaleinbach.

Rachel’s mural is a serene landscape inspired by her arrival to Hyllestad. So funny that we would see such a display of color when we went looking at the sunset. Take notice of the tree growing out of the dilapitated building. Nature rules!

To find out more about Rachel you can find her on FB: @RachelElizabeth.Design or Insta:

Laura was inspired by animals and imaginary metamorphosis. Maybe there’s a deeper ecological meaning or we cross straight into fantasy land? Who knows? That’s the beauty of art: it makes you think. The deer and the owl are permanent residents in Hyllestad and are most likely to be spotted at night. Thanks for making a perfect selfie spot Laura 😉

To find out more about Laura you can find her on Insta: @lauracamp_s

Special thanks

to the Municipality of Hyllestad for sponsoring us!