Let’s go to Norway!

Gateway to the north

Hyllestad Nomad Hub is the first of its kind in Norway. It serves as a gateway for digital nomads wishing for the full nomad experience in this rugged country. We are situated slightly north of mighty Sognefjorden and have a lot to share. Welcome!

How it works

The tourist season in Norway is short and intense with high pricing. The Hub comes alive outside the tourist season, from mid-August to mid-May. We negotiate prices, make connections with businesses and prepare your stay to be smooth and on budget.

We are open to all digital nomads and especially encourage those who are looking for pristine nature, quietness and inspiration.

We want you to interact with the locals and get a good feeling of the life here. Furthermore we want you to succeed and make the most of your stay. Maybe we can help you land a new client or tick a few of your bucket list items?

Our service to you as a nomad is personalised so we are not open for drop-ins. That’s why we ask you to please get in touch so we can hatch the perfect plan together!

About Us

Hyllestad Nomad Hub is an initiative started by Rune Storetvedt under the Storetvedt Nomad Services Enk. Company in Norway. It is powered by the community of users, service providers and businesses that participate.

Products and Services

Hyllestad Nomad Hub is a container for products and services offered by the community. Currently we offer accommodation, workplace, tours and activities. You can navigate to separate information pages in the top menu.

Get in Touch

Hyllestad Nomad Hub
Norway – Sogn og Fjordane

Send Us a Message

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